About us



After its establishment in 2013, RED’Z FITNESS GEAR has shown its excellence in producing best quality Gym & Fitness Gear; be it in Gloves, Grips Glove, Gripads, Wrist Wraps, Knee Wraps, Occlusion Training Wraps, Lifting Straps, Lifting Hooks, Ankle Straps, Neoprene & Elasticated Support: Neoprene Wrist Support, Neoprene & Elasticated Elbow Sleeve, Neoprene Shoulder Support, Neoprene & Elasticated Knee Sleeve, Neoprene Calves Sleeve, Neoprene & Elasticated Ankle Support, Compression Bands, Hip Circle, Slingshots, Weighted Gear, Lifting Belts, Ab Slings, Head Harness, Arm Blaster / Biceps Bomber, Hand Wrap,Training Boxing Inner Gloves, Skipping Ropes, Barbell Squat Pad, Towels,Sweat Head Bands, Sweat Wrist Bands, Compression Socks, Cable Attachments, Gym Bags, Gym & Fitness Wear. RED’Z FITNESS GEAR has been grooming by leaps and bounds, leaving all the competitors of the field way behind, by developing strong business relations with the respected customers around the world. RED’Z FITNESS GEAR has only been able to come up with such a remarkable piece of work in the world of manufacturing the fitness products, by well co-operated and highly skilled staff & labor.

The Process, RED’Z FITNESS GEAR follows, makes it unmatchable in the production of absolute fabrication of fitness products. The designing of the fitness products comes, where, keeping in view the demands and comforts of gym trainer and our customers, our designers prove the brilliance of their aesthetic sense and then our pattern masters arrange the given space in such a delicate and subtle way. After that we select the finest and durable materials for RED’Z FITNESS GEAR products. Having a wide department of stitching section equipped with the latest machinery and skilled workers gives the life to product. Embroidery, printing & branding section can unleash the product to the market for its recognition, Hence, after going through all these stages carefully, we choose the best possible quality control & packing techniques to preserve the reality and naturalness of the products to its user.

Our values and morals remain at the core of our business relations, which are ever growing with the satisfaction and trust of our customers. The team of RED’Z FITNESS GEAR is highly committed in preserving the confidentialities of our customers. The company remains firmly focused on providing an excellent service combined with superior quality at the best price.




RED’Z FITNESS GEAR main aim is to satisfy and meet the needs of our customers by providing superior quality products along with excellent services and to be a key success partner in our clients’ businesses. It will help us to become a leader in the market we serve by providing superior quality products and excellent services to our customers. We will learn from the feedback provided by our customers to continuously improve the standards for our products as well as services.



Our goal is to strengthen the exports from Pakistan. With this comes the challenge of achieving international quality standards so we will position ourselves to be a universal player of quality products that we produce. We see the broader challenge and opportunity to increase our share of international business as the world moves toward globalization so for this purpose we will struggle hard to continuously improve on value chain activities including cost, quality, services and supply chain management. We will develop a long and sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders based on sustainable and mutual cooperation.



Customer Focused - We build successful partnerships with our customers.

Passion for Excellence
- We strive to be the best in everything we do, every day.

Be Inspiring
- We’re eager to find new ways to improve and create values. We believe that excellence is a journey, not a destination.

Keep Promises
- We’re not about overpromising, but delivery. We’re not about words, but actions. We do what we say we will do.

- Respect for Human Dignity towards everyone we interact.